__12.05.2011: Thanx to all__

Hej friends,
THANX for this great weekend! we as promoters had a very stress-free weekend, which we owe to many nice people.

The greatest praise goes, of course, to our crew. Without the volunteer work the Festival would not be possible! THANKS TO YOU!

THANKS to all visitors who came with good humor and peaceful disposition to the WMD to make it a thoroughly successful event!

In addition, many thanks to all the bands, for the backstage-party!

Some of you may have noticed, that Hias resigns his job as an organizer. In this way we want to thank him for the last 11 years. He has initiated the festival with Kathi and occasionally made ??it so big. THANK YOU for that!
But he has also given us his word to help us during the festival. Without him this would be an impossibility. In this sense - Facility manager and senior partner for life ;)

Soon there's an update of us about the future.

so far - stay sick
your WMD - Crew

__23.04.2011: pre sale end, cancellation, box office prices

Hej friends,
tickets for WMD XI are still available until this friday, 29th April from our Online Shop.

Unfortunatelly Goddamned X and also Fleshcrawl had to cancel their show at Walpurgis.

Box office prices are:
2-Days: 40 euro + 5 euro garbage deposit
friday: 20 euro
saturday: 25 euro

stay tuned,
your wmd-crew

__27.02.2011: the final 3

Hej freaks,
here we have the last three bands of our line up.

Get ready for some intense MACABRE Metal fun as one could only expect from MACABRE!!!

"Fast Grind combined with Groovy Gore makes your girlfriend look prettier and your beer taste better!!! Political and religious concerns are for other bands. We just love Gore....nothing more!!!"" Be prepared for ROMPEPROP.

BIRDFLESH donīt play very often in lower bavaria, but they are an insider tip for friends of the sick taste in music. Their shows are legendary and we all hope that we have a tent on Saturday, because this Triple Sick Grinding sweetens the Friday.

__07.02.2011: 3 new bands

Friends of the night,
time for some new bands.

U.G.F. "Thereīs no business like slow business". Thatīs the basic message of U.G.F.
Founded in 1998 the became a flagship for crazy and sweaty live shows. With new line up and songs, the grooveroll will roll a tad harder and inexorable than in the past over Hauzenberg.

Wolfchant Since 2003, WOLFCHANT prove that the apocryphal "Metal Hammer" is not only in Scandinavia! Metal mixed with timeless melodies, driving riffs, epic parts, aggressive screams coupled with choral songs are what awaits the listener! 2011 they enter the stage to present their new album "Call of the black winds".

Marduk Darkness will come over the WMD. The third in the league are among the veterans of the international Black Metal scene and donīt come from Norway, but from Sweden.
In 1990 the Swedish death metal scene was lax and not angry enough for them, they put a goal to become the most evil and darkest band ever. Ladies and Gents: MARDUK.

__25.01.2011: tickets

long waiting has an end! The tickets for WMD XI are available! 35 Euro (+ advance booking fee and 5 Euro garbage deposit).

You can order them here from our Online Shop and soon also from our partners.

Watch out for new bands which will follow soon!

Stay tuned!

__24.12.2010: more bands__

Hej Maniacs,
here we go with new bands.

The Morphean This band came into the world in 2004. With new name and line-up they started up with and drew attention with a perfect symbiosis of grooving Dark Metal and crushing Death Metal parts in 2007. With their new album "Enter the illusion" with a mixture of straight Death Metal and catchy melodies, along with a strong lyrical concept let them grow even more than they ever expected.
Look forward to THE MORPHEAN.

Slartibartfass The next band named Slartibartfass has nothing to do with the planet architects from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but offers multi-faceted folk metal with various genre influences. Be prepared for Folk Metal - of course with bagpipes.

Scared to Death Thrash Metal is the name of the game of our third band. More specifically dynamic thrash metal with melody and power metal influences. Many of the songs are rooted in the golden '80s and show a typical genre exchange between fast and medium speed. SCARED TO DEATH conveys the spirit of the past with heavy guitars, pounding drums and harsh vocals.

__06.12.2010: new bands__

friends of the night,
itīs time for some new bands.

The Sorrow We start with our neighbors from Austria - more precisely, from Vorarlberg.
Since 2005 the "exotic" of the Austrian metal scene have acquired renown with their death metal influenced metalcore . We are delighted to welcome THE SORROW with their new album on stage of WMD.

Malignant Tumour Czechīs 2008 year nominated band for Hard and Heavy awards (end up as second), active for more than 18 years in underground metal/punk scene worldwide, describes our next band. From Grindcore to Metal RockīnīRoll those boys evolved during many years and now, they simply call their music Metal or Rock īnī Roll. Look forward to MALIGNANT TUMOUR, who will sweeten the pre-lunch drink.

Onkel Tom Angelripper Last but not least, no need for much words. Our last band of todayīs triple feature started with metal versions of Schlagers, drinking songs and Christmas carols, but also got self-composed songs. Bless the alcohol together with ONKEL TOM ANGELRIPPER.


__11.11.2010: new bands__

Hej fellows,
letīs continue with the next bands.

Soul Demise Our next band is also no no-name.
Founded in 1993, the quintet celebrates their Goteborg metal with diverse woofs. With their new album SOUL DEMISE will enter the stage.

Pequod Strong, rhythm-oriented thrash metal, loaded with sophisticated but still melodic riffs, progressive drums and distinctive voice - this describes the style of our next band. Look forward to the Munich Death Thrasher Pequod.

__22.10.2010: first bands__

friends listen,
here we go with the first bands for Walpurgis Metal Days XI.

Fleshcrawl as first band we are proud to present you a primary rock of the german death metal scene.
Look forward to FLESHCRAWL.

Distaste No Porn, no gore, just grind - thatīs the name of the game.
Watch out for the steelcity-grinders DISTASTE who present grindcore without fuss or quibble.

__19.09.2010: first news + date__

Hej Metalheads,
summerīs gone and just as the weather changed, Walpurgis Metal Days have changed.
Our crew shrunk. Due to time or job obligations Daniel, Mario and Michael decided to finish their work at the WMD.
We would like to say THANX to them on this way. Thanx for the last 3 years of work, sweat and above all fun!
It was a lot of fun with you freaks! ;)

At the same time we want to welcome our new "apprentice" Dieter Kasberger. Dieterīs actually working behind the scene from beginning. Welcome on Board! :)

But we put our backs into it, to present you a festival in 2011, whereby quality rather counts than quantity.
The date is already fixed. Itīs again 06./07.th of May 2011.

We are working flat out to announce the first bands. So stay heavy and take a look sometimes.
your WMD Crew